Board plan / Matrix Cycler


The board plan is often named a Matrix Cycler or Revolving Matrix Plan (usually 2x2), this is a very excited compensation plan, some companies use a single stage board plan, but some other use multiple stage board plans.

When there is a single stage (like some vacation/cruises companies do), you are placed under your sponsor first available position on his opened matrix, from left to right you can be on his first stage, or some stages down (in this case you are a spillover). Once you are on the board your opened matrix will be filled with your new direct referrals or by referrals from your upline (other spillovers). Once you close/complete the board you get a reward in cash, usually the sponsor also get a bonus in cash when a direct referral finish a matrix. After you completed the board you follow your sponsor opened matrix and place in the next available position from left to right. This is called cycling and you can cycle unlimited times.

On a multi stage board plan, every "First" time you complete a board on the stage, you opened also a new board on the next available stage. Let's explain this further. When you complete the board on stage 1 the first time, you open a board on stage 1 and a new board on stage 2, always following your sponsor. When you complete the board on stage 2 the first time, you open a board on stage 2 and if available will open also a board on stage 3, and so on, on multiple available stages of the compensation plan.

  • 1. Unlimited user management
  • 2. Unlimited memberships
  • 3. Digital products manager
  • 4. Complete member management
  • 5. Responsive members backoffice
  • 6. Responsive admin panel
  • 7. Dashboard statistics
  • 8. Automated payment processing
  • 9. Transactions/Financial manager
  • 10. Payza, Okpay, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay available
  • 11. Private messaging system
  • 12. Mass message direct referred members
  • 13. Banners plugin included with Ad credit currency
  • 14. Banner approval system
  • 15. Banner statistics for advertisers
  • 16. Pay it forward (PIF) system, enroller can pay referrer membership
  • 17. Deposit Wallet and Payout Wallet
  • 18. Withdrawal to payment processor
  • 19. Mass mailing to specific memberships
  • 20. Frequently Asked Questions manager
  • 21. News / Announcement manager
  • 22. Promotional tools for members
  • 23. Downline/Genealogy navigation available
  • 24. Automated email system including email template editor
  • 25. Cache system and Mysql database optimization tool
  • 25. Direct Referral Commissions
  • 1. Any width x Any depth boards available (2x2, 2x3,3x3, etc)
  • 2. Unlimited board stages.
  • 3. Board/Matrix view on all stages
  • 4. Follow Sponsor system
  • 5. Board/Matrix filled from left to right
  • 6. Spillover possible
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